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  • OFO’s Rare Bird Ambassadors

    OFO’s Rare Bird Ambassador plan is about empowering Ontario birders with the tools and resources needed so that they can coordinate with property owners to ensure the best outcomes for all parties.

    When a rare bird appears on private property or public property where access and/or crowd control may become an issue, careful planning is required to ensure that the owner/host/property manager, birders, photographers and the bird all have a positive experience.

    The goal is to promote positive relations between landowners, birders, and photographers, ultimately resulting in happy people and happy birds. Birders can still decide if they want to share sightings or not; we just hope that this makes the decision easier and spreads out the workload related to managing rare bird observations.

    Find out more about this exciting program at: Finding Birds / Rare Bird Ambassadors

    What to do if you have found a rare bird? Instructions for landowners and birders

    Want to be a Rare Bird Ambassador? You don’t have to belong to OFO.

    Find out more about being a Rare Bird Ambassador

    Register to be a Rare Bird Ambassador

    Photo Credit: Marsh Sandpiper by Matt Parsons

  • OFO Merchandise Available

    Bird of the Year 2024 and more

    Alessandra Kite’s rendition of a flying male Bobolink gained the most votes from members, making it our first Bird of the Year logo! You can purchase it at on a variety of items the OFO Redbubble store. While you are at it, why not purchase a t-shirt or mug with the OFO Pileated Woodpecker logo or Birding Buddies Red-breasted Nuthatch?

  • Registration is now open for the camp

    We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2024 Alan Wormington Memorial Camp for Young Birders. This year’s camp will be held from August 3rd – August 11th and will once again take place in Algonquin Park. The camp will include a short canoe and camping trip.

    Space is limited to a maximum of 14 campers aged 13-17. Campers should have a keen interest in birds and natural history and should expect long days in the field.

    Registration (but not payment) is required to be considered for the camp. The deadline for registration is March 5th. Please register on the ofo.ca website under Events/Event Registration. Please note that registration is not a guarantee of acceptance. OFO will review all applications when registration closes on March 5th and notify campers the following week.

    Payment is required when acceptance is confirmed. The cost of the camp is $1,000. Donations to cover the true cost of $1,600 per camper are gratefully accepted. Bursaries may be available.

    Please email youngbirders@ofo.ca for more information.

  • Statement on Safety

    OFO is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming organization that is free of discrimination and harassment.
    OFO’s 2023 statement on safety in the Ontario birding community can be found on the EDI webpage.